Death Star Strain

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Death Star Weed Strain


TYPE: Hybrid

THC: 19% – 27%

GENETICS: Sour Diesel x Sensi Star

APPEARANCE: Death Star Strain has light and dark green nugs that have orange or amber hairs.

SMELL: Fuel aroma that is skunky and earthy.


CREATED FEELINGS: Death Star Weed Strain is a hybrid that is uplifting and relaxing. Death Star is not a good strain for trying to fall asleep or be social.

DURATION: Zoned out buzz that lasts around 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Juicy Fruit, and Dead Head OG

The Death Star strain is a hybrid cross between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star that originates in Ohio. Although it is not a galactic superweapon, it is a strain that will leave you zoned out for a few hours. The Force is strong with this powerful skunky hybrid that leaves you uplifted and feeling relaxed.

Its appearance is beautiful with frosty amber-orange hairs and contrasting light and dark green hues. Death star weed strain smell and flavor tend to lend towards its Sour Diesel genetics.


1/2 Ounce (14 grams), 1/2 Pound (240 grams), 1/4 Pound (120 grams), 1/8 Pound (60 grams), A Pound (440 grams), An Ounce (30 grams)

4 reviews for Death Star Strain

  1. petroworld21

    the best ever,, my family loves it we usually order a pound every week from skymall.. wish i can more in the future

  2. prestw

    Classic one punch knock out! Nice n tasty, skunky yum yum , Medicine cabinet worthy!

  3. Sondoor

    This is one of those grab the back of your throat strong and fast hitting indicas thats very euphoric yet melds you to the chair at the same time, also has a peppery taste and smells very dank/pungent the bud is even a little sticky like some gorilla glue strains.

  4. Guacamole

    Real 614 Chronic. Pure fire 🔥!

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